Targa Tasmania is an exciting International Classic. A tarmac rally with competitive stages on closed roads for the best touring, sports and GT cars in the world. It’s inaugural year was in April 1992 when Tasmania hosted this distinguished International motoring Classic.

The competition concept is drawn directly from the best features of the Mille Miglia, the Coupe des Alpes and the Tour de Corse. However, Targa Tasmania is not a slow-motion re-run. It is a genuine “red-blooded” motor sport competition. It is also a unique annual opportunity for the owners of sports cars and GTs to drive them the way they were designed to be driven, on some of the most exciting and challenging tarmac roads in the world.

Targa Tasmania caters for up to 300 select cars. Entries are selected from Applications to Compete, by a Vehicle Selection Committee. Invitations to Compete in each year’s Event are announced on a progressive basis from August through to February (close of applications).

Targa Tasmania has established itself as an annual event, conducted in April each year. The present format is to conduct the event over six days (including a Prologue) on some 2,000 kilometres of tarmac roads.

Targa Tasmania entrants comprise a wide range of media-attracting personalities including former World Champions and other well-known motor sport competitors from both Australia and overseas, as well as national and international celebrities. In short, this is not only a competitive motor sport event, it is a unique commercial and tourist attraction capturing the imagination of the Australian public as well as the national and international motor sport fraternity.

Tourism Tasmania has announced that more than 200,000 people per annum watch Targa Tasmania each year over the six days, while an international viewing audience of over 480 million has been estimated for each event.

Targa Tasmania has the support and backing of the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance. The Tasmanian Government rates this special event as having a substantial commercial contribution as well and being a major tourist attraction to the State, and active support is provided by Events Tasmania. Thus, Targa Tasmania is another example of the successful partnership between the Government and Motor Sport, attracting between $8 and $12 million new tourist dollars to Tasmania each year.

The goal of organisers and the Tasmanian Government has been achieved – to see Targa Tasmania develop into the premier motor sport event of it’s type in Australia, ranking alongside the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and the Indy cars in Queensland.

Pure Tasmania is a Major Partner of Targa Tasmania – a relationship which stretches back to the very origins of this iconic event.  If you’ve competed in Targa Tasmania before, you’ll be familiar with the strong involvement of Pure Tasmania and the Federal Group’s two entertainment properties, Wrest Point and Country Club Tasmania.  If you’re new to the Targa family, contact Pure Tasmania for the best in tourism accommodation and experiences at Tasmania’s icon destinations of Strahan, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet Peninsula and Hobart.  Whether you’re planning a recce visit, a holiday, or need to reserve your accommodation for the next Targa Tasmania, contact Pure Tasmania.


This document has been prepared to inform competitors and officials of what insurance cover is available from Medicare, private health insurance companies and AASA insurance in the event of injury to a competitor or an official during Targa Tasmania.

Insurance Cover – Medicare
Medicare provides access to free treatment as a public patient in a public hospital and free or subsidised treatment by practitioners such as doctors, specialists, participating optometrists and dentists for specified services. A competitor or official’s Medicare cover is not affected by competing in Targa Tasmania.

Visitors to Australia are required to pay for any health services they receive here. However, if you are a resident of a country that has a health care agreement with Australia (known as a reciprocal Health Care Agreement), you are entitled to limited subsidised health services while visiting Australia. The Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the governments of New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Malta and Italy. Competitors from these countries should check on conditions and levels of coverage.

Private Health Insurance Cover
Competitors and officials with private health insurance are entitled to access their private health insurance in the event of injury during Targa Tasmania. However, competitors are advised to check with their private health insurance company in regard to the company’s claim policy and procedure, particularly in relation to whether a claim should be made with the private heath insurance company before or after making a claim on the AASA Personal Accident Insurance Cover.

Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) Cover
Medical expenses incurred as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Tasmania are normally covered by the compulsory third party MAIB premium included in the registration fee for vehicles in Tasmania. However, no such fee is payable on the vehicles with Targa Tasmania number plates and MAIB cover is suspended from the moment the Targa Tasmania number plates are placed on a competitors vehicle during documentation in Launceston until the number plates are removed after Targa Tasmania concludes in Hobart. All Targa Tasmania number plates must be removed by 3pm on the Tuesday after Targa Tasmania and each vehicle’s original number plates must be re-affixed to each vehicle unless a competitor has obtained Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources approval to use the Targa Tasmania number plates as the vehicle’s official number plates.

Competitors who do reconnaissance in Tasmania in vehicles registered in Tasmania are insured under the Motor Accidents Insurance Board “no-fault” third party insurance cover. The provision of third party insurance cover in Tasmania for vehicles registered in other states within Australia is not so clear. Accordingly, competitors are strongly advised that they should not do reconnaissance in Tasmania in vehicles that are not registered in Tasmania without checking that their vehicle third party insurance permits them to do so.

AASA Personal Accident Insurance Cover
The AASA Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers Targa Tasmania competitors and AASA officials. The AASA Personal Accident Insurance Policy was developed to provide immediate financial assistance following an injury or death to drivers, codrivers, navigators, service crew members and authorised officials, and provides limited cover for death, disablement and some out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by Medicare or personal medical insurance. Each service crew member and official must sign the appropriate documentation issued by Octagon prior to the commencement of the event. The AASA Personal Accident Insurance Policy cover is not intended as a full income protection for those covered by the policy, but rather it is a support and assistance benefit at a time when it is most needed.

The AASA Personal Accident Insurance cover for competitors and crew comes into effect from the time of reporting to documentation or scrutiny until the time of arrival at the publicity finish or at the moment of retirement or exclusion. Cover is also provided for competitors and crew involved with post-event scrutiny. For officials the cover comes into effect whilst on duty and whilst travelling directly to and from their place of residence or business, whichever is the place of departure or return.

Competitors, service crew members and officials are responsible for paying all costs relating to any medical expenses resulting from an accident during Targa Tasmania. Notice in writing of a claim must be made by the claimant or a person acting on his behalf to AASA within thirty days of the incident giving rise to the claim. The claimant must notify the Clerk of the Course of the incident before the conclusion of the event.

Accumulated sick leave with an employer must be used in total before any weekly benefits are paid under the AASA Personal Accident Insurance Policy (except for officials who are not required to exhaust their entitlements).

AASA Person to Person Insurance Cover
AASA offers Targa Tasmania a comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance scheme which is available to all competitors, crew members and officials who may be injured as a result of an incident during the event.

The policy provides benefits to drivers and co-drivers in Targa Tasmania; likewise, members of registered service crews are included in the policy. It is important for all service crews to be registered with the event before the commencement of the competition. Competitors are registered through their completion of the entry form for the event.

Insurance cover also extends to all authorised officials of Targa Tasmania. Once more, in order that all officials are registered, they must be either noted in the supplementary regulations for Targa Tasmania or must be registered with the organisers and ‘sign on’ before their duties for the event have commenced.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured in Targa Tasmania and wish to lodge a claim on the Personal Accident Insurance policy, please ask yourself the following questions:

• Have I been transported by an ambulance service?
• Have I received major injuries which will cause me a permanent disability?
• Am I a competitor or crew member and have I received injuries which will cause me not to be able to perform my normal work duties for more than seven (7) working days?
• Am I an official and have I received injuries which will cause me to not be able to perform my normal work duties for one (1) day or more?
• Have I received medical treatment which is not claimable (in part or whole) through Medicare?

If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’ then you may be entitled to claim under the policy.

In this case you should contact AASA, they will then obtain details of your injury and verify it through the event injury reporting process which is applicable to all AASA events and forward to you a claim form.

You will then be required to complete the claim form and all dealings will then be with their appointed insurance broker, Australian Motorsport Insurance Brokers.

If you are taken to hospital you will be asked “is this injury covered by insurance?” or such similar question. You (or your carer, as may be appropriate at the time) must be very specific and advise the hospital that the injury is NOT a workers compensation injury and that you are a public patient (or a private patient if you have private health care).

If you advise the hospital the injury is “covered by AASA insurance” they will almost certainly automatically bill AASA and they will be then obliged to send the bill back to you, which will come as a surprise.

If the medical condition which resulted in you commencing a claim was not as a direct result of a verified incident at a motor sport event, there will be no claim allowed on the policy.

Also, injuries sustained by drivers and crew members as a result of the nature of the competition are not allowable claims. Example: A back injury from continual high speed travel.

The other important point is to ensure that your injury is reported and recorded. This can be very important in where officials may be injured as a result of a fall or other action associated with the duties he/she is expected to perform. The report must be advised to a senior official who will then pass it onto the Clerk of Course and the stewards for verification.

It’s also worth remembering that the insurance scheme is a reimbursement policy – that is you are required to pay for your own bills and invoices and then claim them back from the insurers. AASA is not in a position to pay for your ambulance, hospital or other medical related accounts. They must be first settled by you, and claimed back from the insurers, with all receipts being required to do this.

The AASA Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is in place to assist those who need it. It is not a total compensation process and is not designed to be an income replacement scheme. But in the cases where it is needed, it may just help out that little bit to make things a bit more bearable.

Personal Accident Claims
Claim forms for injuries under the personal accident insurance program can be obtained from the AASA office by phoning 03 5766 4235. At the time AASA personnel will ensure that an incident report form has been received relating to the injury.

Once received, the claim form should be completed and returned to Australian Motorsport Insurance Brokers.

Any enquiries should be made to Australian Motorsport Insurance Brokers on 1800 356 072.

Additional Insurance Cover
Octagon would strongly encourage anyone involved with Targa Tasmania to ensure that they are adequately covered by insurance in the event of injury during Targa Tasmania. Competitors, service crew members and officials are advised to study the extent of the cover provided by the AASA Personal Accident Insurance Policy and their own private health insurance and to make additional insurance arrangements if they wish to do so.

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